1. Hey guys,

    I just wanted to let you all know that I see your messages and am working on answering them but I’m trying to focus on getting some of my own work done right now so answers may be a bit delayed.

    Just bear with me for now!

  2. Anonymous asked: I was just reading over a previous question you received from an anon about NYU Florence. I'm being sent there and I have heard many things about how it's a place for the "throw-away" students. As in, those who are more qualified and valued by NYU are kept in NYC while those who are not are sent abroad for their first year. Is this true? I heard from most people that it is.

    Like I told that person, all I can do is guess as to why students are sent abroad from what I’ve read/heard/seen, but it sounds like you already have your answer.

  3. Anonymous asked: Hi Kelly! I've stalked your blog for a while haha and it's really helpful! I've recently been accepted to NYU (:D) and I would love to go. However, as always, money's the issue. How did you pay for NYU, if I may ask?

    Linking the answer :)

  4. ravenlin asked: Hi, I pretty set on attending NYU; however, I still have one more school to visit in late april before making my deposit. I am wondering if housing for incoming freshmen is on a first come first serve basis. Also, which freshmen residential halls do you recommend and why?

    Housing for freshmen isn’t first come, first serve but priority is given to those who completed and submitted everything on time. 

    As for recommendations, I loved living in Third North so I always suggest it for incoming freshmen. The walk may seem far (it’s like 10-15min from the main NYU buildings) but you get used to it quickly and it’s nice to be a bit farther away from the main “campus.” It is also one of the few freshman dorms that is apartment-style, which means you get a kitchen in your suite. 3N is right in the East Village where there’s so much to do, see, and places to eat at. Plus, it has a dining hall and a computer/printing lab. UHall is also a great dorm. It’s right off of Union Square (so farther away than 3N) which is perfect for food, things to do, and transportation. It has a dining area and is apartment-style. Also, everyone loves Hayden but it won’t be open this coming year so they’re opening up space in Palladium for freshmen which would be a great choice as well. It’s like two buildings over from UHall and has a gym and dining hall in it. If you’re looking for something closer to campus, I know a lot of people who loved living in Rubin, which is just off of 10th on 5th Ave.

  5. Anonymous asked: when should we expect to get our nyu email address/any confirmation of enrollment after we've put down our deposits? i officially enrolled a few days ago but haven't heard anything from the school.

    My first email at my NYU address is from March 30th and I’m pretty sure it’s up to you as for when you set it up. All of your confirmation emails and the like will be sent to that email unless you set up a forwarding email.

    Although this may not apply to you, the instructions on this page tell you what you need to know about setting up your email.

  6. Anonymous asked: Would NYU accept anyone who is in special ed?

    Yes. NYU has the Moses Center which works with students with various kinds of disabilities to help give them the best environment possible to work and learn in.

  7. unic0rn-vibess asked: What's the difference between Study Abroad and International Exchange? I want to study in South Korea, but it's not a Study Abroad location. There is, however, an International Exchange opportunity available in SK and I am very willing to try that option out. Is either opportunity hard to come by/selective?

    When you Study Abroad, usually you’ll study at NYU’s campus at that site. For example, I studied abroad in Prague at NYU’s facilities with NYU professors. International Exchange is where you study at another school at a specific site. You’ll study at their facilities with their professors but it’s worked out that you’ll get NYU credit and maintain your NYU financial aid package when you study there. NYU provides a list of participating schools and information on how to apply. I don’t know of anyone who participated in the International Exchange program so I’m not sure of how selective it is but I’m sure it depends on the popularity of the program/school and the school’s own requirements.

  8. Anonymous asked: In general, what year do people leave to study in a different country?

    A really popular time is the spring semester of sophomore year but it’ll depend on when you get the time to do so. Generally, I think people go abroad sophomore year since that’s before everything tends to get rough/requirements need to get done for graduation. I know someone who studied abroad all of junior year though and there are people that go abroad as seniors but I’ve noticed it is more common at the end of sophomore year.

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    Anonymous asked: Can I choose if I want a single, double, or triple? Or is it random?

    For freshmen it’s random but as an upperclassman, you get to choose your exact bed.

  10. Anonymous asked: Is Gallatin strong in terms of art/design? I know you can take classes at any of the other NYU schools through Gallatin, so art/design classes would most likely be in Tisch/Steinhardt? Do you know of any Gallatin students who are pursing a concentration partly in art/design?

    Gallatin does offer art/design classes but if you’re looking for depth, you’re going to be taking classes in Tisch/Steinhardt. I know people who took a lot of classes in Steinhardt’s Studio Art program (I took a few as well) and a friend of mine has taken a bunch of Tisch photography courses for his concentration.

  11. Anonymous asked: My daughter was accepted for fall 2014. We have payed her housing deposit and made the initial housing preferences. What happens next?

    You just have to wait until they email her with her assignment. Most new freshmen will get their assignments in July. You may also be charged for tuition and housing prior to finding out where she’ll be living, but, in that case, you’ll be charged an estimated amount which will be edited once the assignment has been made.

  12. get-the-memo asked: How tough would it be to remain a vegetarian attending NYU?

    Not tough at all. There are a lot of vegetarians and vegans at NYU and living in NYC offers a lot of options for people with different eating habits.

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    Anonymous asked: Are drugs easily accessible on campus?

    They can be but they can be easily avoided as well.

  14. Anonymous asked: I just have to ask this question and I know you probably get it a lot.. but how much time do you spend on your homework everyday? I heard NYU gives a lot of hw in comparison to other schools

    It’ll depend on the class I’m taking, but it’s usually not too long unless I have a paper to write or a project to do. My classes are mainly reading and writing-based so I’ll have a certain amount of pages to read for each week which takes as long as they take to read and/or I may have to write something which, with added procrastination time, usually takes longer. It’s kind of hard to estimate because the quantity of work tends to fluctuate from week to week but, for next week, I have 51 pages of reading to do, I have to work on my Web Design homework, and I need to kick my colloquium preparation into gear.

  15. Anonymous asked: Hey Kelly! I was accepted into LSP for fall 2014, and though I really want to go, it's too expensive. I'm thinking about going to a state school for two years and transferring, but I've heard the acceptance rate is lower for transfer students. Is there any advice you can give? Do you know if it's easier to be accepted as a transfer student if you've already been accepted previously? Thanks!

    …I meant to say that I was accepted to GLS fall 2014, not LSP.

    It’s all good :)

    They are lower, yes, but if it’s something you really want to do, then there’s really no harm in trying. I don’t know if being previously accepted helps your chances, but I would think that, if you have been accepted, you’ve shown NYU likes you and believes you deserve a spot in the school, so if you can keep up the good work you’ll be on the right track.