1. ratchetmonalisa said: I'm 13 and I'm really stressed out over this. Is there anything I should know or do straight of the bat before I get to high school?

    Please please please don’t be stressing out over college yet. There is nothing you have to do before you even get into high school, so just enjoy yourself and do your best in school! Just know that you don’t have to go nuts as soon as you get into high school in order to get into a good college. If you work hard and do what you enjoy, you can be successful.

  2. Anonymous said: Can you tell me if changing your major across different schools (ex. changing from neuroscience at CAS to communications at Steinhardt)? Is it easy to change?

    In order to switch your major to something in another school, you need to apply to internal transfer. The ease of that depends on the school and/or program you’re applying into. For example, I know that Gallatin is not extremely difficult to transfer into as long as you’re idea of what to study makes sense and your GPA is good.

  3. Anonymous said: I am a senior in high school right now. I am thinking about going to community college and then transferring as a junior. I have not taken the SAT and I was wondering if it is required in order to transfer. I was not planning on taking it but if it is required I will take it.

    There’s no standardized test requirement if you’re transferring in after attending another school for at least a year. 

  4. Anonymous said: Love this account! Im a junior in high school and i really want to go to NYU CAS, my gpa is a 3.7 but i dont know if my extracurriculars are strong enough to get into NYU. Is it true that they look for more creative/artsy type extra curriculars? Thanks!! Xx

    Not that I know of, no. You don’t need to be involved in seven thousand things in order to get accepted and don’t force yourself to participate in clubs or organizations or whatever that you’re not interested in. If you’re interested in politics and you joined a politics club at your school or do something with the local government, that works just as well as if you’re interested in art and join an art club.

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  6. Anonymous said: Hi! I'm applying to NYU (fall 2015 semester) and I was wondering if submitting my common application with "undecided" as my intended major would hurt my chances of acceptance. I hope to study either psychology or marketing in college and I'm just not sure which major would help or hinder my chances of getting in. Thank you SO much!

    Hi :)

    It really should not, no. What you apply to study only really matters a lot if you are applying to a specific program or school that requires something extra with your application, like Tisch programs or a major like Studio Art. I know a bunch of people who came in undecided, so, as long as the rest of your application is on par with NYU’s standards, it shouldn’t hurt you!

  7. Anonymous said: This is probably really stupid but I'm really confused about the different NYU schools. What's the difference between Gallatin, Stern, Steinhardt, and Tisch?

    Essentially, the different schools house different areas of study. Instead of having all of the departments just under the NYU umbrella, they’re organized into subsets by school. For example, Tisch is the school of the arts, Stern is the school of business, Gallatin is the school of individualized study, and CAS is pretty self-explanatory and is the school of arts and sciences. You can see the full list of schools and colleges here!

  8. Anonymous said: Hi I'm 17 years old and I'm attending a community college in Seattle to get my AA degree. I plan on transferring to NYU steinhardt as a junior. And I have no clue. Can you help me? Is it possible?

    It’s possible! I’m going to point you to NYU’s website for information on transferring as it covers all of the specifics you need to know.

  9. Anonymous said: Hi!! NYU is amazing and I'm planning to apply to both the NYC campus and the AD campus, with AD as first choice. I was wondering though would one C in Junior year hurt me a lot? I have straight A's all through Freshman and Sophmore, but Higher Math was hard for me in 11th. My recent 12th grade Math grade is an A though, so would NYU see this as an upward trend? My SAT is strong and so are my ECs and essay, so I do hope I get in. :( Thank you!! <3

    Hi! Please read this post!

    Also, showing improvement is always a good thing.

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    Take a Bite from NYU’s New Dining Options


    Dining got a bit of a makeover and it’s helping ease the grief of losing Hayden cookies this academic year (secret: we’ve found them at Tap Room!). Besides the spankin’ new website, NYU Dining has some seriously cool additions that’ll get you psyched to start using your meal plan, Dining Dollars, and Campus Cash!

    Peet’s Coffee & Tea is now located on Kimmel’s second floor next to the Commuter Lounge and filled with delicious beverages and pastries to hold you over in between classes. We’re wondering how the wait competes with Starbucks’ infamous line a block away…


    Sidestein Market — yes, another “stein”! — is visible from the Weinstein windows and brings the dining options in the freshmen residence hall up to four. Best part? It’s open until 11PM every day! Take that, Fridays at Upstein.


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  11. Anonymous said: Thanks so much for running this blog! I really appreciate your hard work :) NYU is my dream school, but I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the tuition and I've heard that it tends to be rather stingy with financial aid--my family is relatively middle class so I doubt I'd receive much anyway. Is there anyway I can attend without breaking my bank account?

    Affording the cost of NYU is really tough for a lot of students and sometimes, there really aren’t options for people who can’t afford it and aren’t given aid unless they want to be in mountains of debt. You really never know what NYU is going to give you for financial aid until you apply, so you might get more than you’d expect, although I don’t advise getting your hopes up because NYU is definitely not known for being helpful in that department. Other than NYU’s given financial aid, you can look at scholarships, grants, and loan options that might be able to help you afford NYU. I really suggest talking to your counselor or whoever is at your school and can help you about looking for scholarships and grants that you’d qualify for. There are so many small scholarships out there (as well as larger ones) that you can apply for pretty easily. I’m not saying that they will enable you to attend, but it’s avenue to look into.

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    Anonymous said: Hi! I know this seems super crazy (because I'm young), I'm 13 years old and have big dreams of going to Nyu Steinhardt. I play drums, acoustic guitar, electric and a bit of piano and violin. Is there any tips for me? I graduate in 2019, but I really get a rush of joy when I think of Nyu. What exactly is the music business, and do you have any information on Steinhardt?

    Firstly, enjoy your life. Don’t worry too much about college right now, you have plenty of time to do that once you get closer to it, but right now you should enjoy your life as it is! You’re so young, so take time to have fun and find what you love. If you like music, keep playing and creating and join clubs/organizations in music and keep active. You may change your mind about what you want to study before you get to your junior year of high school, so just enjoy yourself and do the best that you can right now and until then.

    If you’re interested in the Music Business program, I’d suggest you take a look at the website. It covers what it focuses on and what courses are available and should be able to answer some questions.

  13. Anonymous said: how many years can you study abroad?

    As many as you’d like to and would work in your academic plan. For example, some majors have more strict requirements which make it more difficult to schedule a time to study abroad.

  14. Anonymous said: Why do people always complain about the cost of attending NYU when many other universities are within the same price range (~60k)?

    NYU is notorious for giving very little financial aid, so many people feel that the burden of paying for NYU is tougher than the burden of paying for other schools that may have similar tuition costs but offer better financial aid packages.

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    Anonymous said: If you request not to be in low cost housing is it possible that you'll still end up in it?

    I think they usually keep low cost housing options open for those who request it, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to be placed in low cost housing even if you didn’t request it.