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    The Four Year Update

    Hi everyone!

    Just some quick updates from me. I updated my tags page to include a tag cloud which should help make finding tags you’re looking for a bit easier and more organized. It aggregates the most popular tags into larger font sizes and it’s in alphabetical order.

    I also updated most of the pages that are currently up and am open to adding new information if anyone is looking for something specific. I’m always open to suggestions on how to improve this blog and help you guys better, so feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see.

    So, this blog is four years and month-ish old and I really can’t believe it’s been going this long. I wanted to thank you all so much for following me and participating in order to get information out there. If there’s anyone who has been here since I was a lowly freshman, that’s incredible, I don’t know how you did it. After four years, I decided to finally get an email specifically for this blog, so if you have any need to email me (like if you have a longer question that needs more than Tumblr’s allotted characters or if you’d like a more in-depth conversation), please send everything to IGTNYU@gmail.com

    Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has been replying to posts, reblogging, and answering peoples’ questions. I really appreciate getting fresh opinions and new thoughts on matters that I might not have considered. Please don’t stop!

    That does lead into my next order of business. To be honest, I’m getting more out of touch with the NYU community and students as the months go on, and I really want to be able to keep giving you all accurate information. So, I’ve decided that I’d love to have some sort of user involvement with you guys. If anyone would be interested, I’d love to have someone join me and become a sort of guest blogger. It’s a very open idea right now, but if anyone has ideas they’d love to see or help out with, I’d love to here them! Think of it as a contributor position or even an internship/mentorship (that’s unpaid and not for credit but I’d totally vouch for you in the future). If anyone is interested, please email me at IGTNYU@gmail.com! You don’t need any experience in blogging or journalism or graphic design (although that’s a super plus), you just need to have Internet, be an NYU student, and want to help some people out.

    I’ll be working on updating more links and pages soon, as well as any suggestions from you guys, so stay tuned for any new information! Thank you all so much for reading and sticking with me, I really appreciate all of the support. <3


  2. Anonymous said: I just want to say thanks for making this blog. Knowing that I'm not the only one stressing has been a relief. I was wondering how long it took you to get adjusted to NYC living and to using the subway system? Also I'm from NJ and I'm close to my family if I wanted to go home and visit on the weekend, how long should I wait to do that? I wouldn't want to be that person who goes home right away and misses a party or something fun.

    You’re very welcome and always know that you’re never the only one thinking or feeling a certain way.

    To answer your question, it didn’t take me too long to get acclimated to living in NYC. I had been there a handful of times before moving there for school so I already had a basic knowledge of how get myself from point A to point B via the subway or walking. It might seem daunting at first, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to get somewhere and you don’t have a lot of time, but you’ll only get better at navigating by doing it. With more experience, you’ll get to know the city and the subway and it won’t take long. Big tip, I used Hopstop constantly (and still do) whenever I went somewhere that I hadn’t been before (and also when I wanted to know how long a trip would take). It takes construction into account and has maps/stops as well, so it’s super helpful to have. You can also get a free subway map at any stop if you ask the person in the booth and I would suggest downloading a pdf of the subway map (super easy to find by Googling) onto your phone as it will definitely come in handy when you don’t have signal/data and it’s inconspicuous. 

    As for traveling home, go whenever you want to/can. I know people who went home the first weekend we were living on campus. I think the first time I went home was for my birthday at the end of October and then Thanksgiving because it just worked out that those were the times I had time and could get down there. I would suggest trying to stick around for the first month at least so you can really get into the hang of things and try new things before the semester really gets in full swing, but it’s entirely up to you as for when you’d go home. Depending on where you’re from in NJ, it can be a relatively easy commute home and back so you may be able to wait until you see what’s going on on a weekend before you plan to go home (ex: if your friends are going home/somewhere on a weekend and you don’t want to be there alone, you can decide to go home if you want to). If you want to see your family, don’t worry if you miss something. What you think is important is important and there will be other opportunities to go out and go to parties.

  3. Anonymous said: I have a 3.95 gpa, great recommendations, 7 ap courses, and lots of extracurriculars, but I expect my ACT to be below average for NYU standards. I want to major in chemistry for pre-med but I think that'll be too competitive and I worn get in. Should I choose another less competitive major at CAS and if I get in, just change my major to chemistry? I really want to get into nyu but I don't see that happening if I choose chemistry as a major on my application.

    In most cases, the major you apply for won’t dictate whether or not you can get in (there are exceptions for those that need portfolios/auditions/external submissions in order to be accepted into). In this case, you’re accepted into the school, not the program, so you wouldn’t have a better chance of getting in if you apply another major within CAS rather than Chemistry.

  4. Anonymous said: Hi I was scheduled to take the SAT but something serious came up and I wasn't able to take them on that date. Now I'm scheduled to take the ACT on Oct. 25, but the scores won't be in for the ED1 deadline. I saw that my predicted scores can be sent in on an official school letterhead, but I'm homeschooled. My mom (the person administering my homeschooling) can send in my predicted scores based on practice tests, but will they accept that as official being that I'm homeschooled?

    I would think so as I don’t know who else they’d expect you’d be able to ask since she is your “administrator,” but I don’t know for certain so I would suggest contacting the NYU admissions office and asking them directly so they can let you know whether you’re good to go or if you need something extra.

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    Signal boost for anyone in the NYC area, New York University is offering free dental and health screenings this week, no appointment necessary.

    More info here

    WHEN:  Tuesday, Wednesday, October 21-22, 2014, dental screenings are available from 8:30am to 7:00pm; diabetes and blood pressure screenings available from 8:30am to 4:30pm

    • Free dental screenings
    • Free toothbrushes and other personal oral hygiene products
    • Vouchers for free oral examinations and polishings
    • Vouchers for free dental sealants for children 6 to 16 years-of-age
    • Vouchers for free custom-made mouth guards for children 6 to 16 years-of-age
    • Free oral cancer screenings for adults
    • Free diabetes and blood pressure screenings will be available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
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    Anonymous said: Any tips for study spots on and off "campus"? It can either be indoors or outdoors as long as it's quiet.. :)

    I know a lot of people went to Starbucks (there are so many of them so if you can get a seat at one, that works) or other coffee places (like Think on Mercer). Bobst is another popular one, but also remember that the New York Public Library is free so if you live closer to one of the branches or don’t mind some traveling, then that’s another choice. Personally, I loved going to a park or finding somewhere outdoors to study on a nice day (granted, it’s not always super quiet). WSP works well if you live on campus, as does Tompkins Square Park in Alphabet City. When I lived in Brooklyn, I went to Prospect Park (since I lived in walking distance) and took a few trips to Coney Island as well. NYC has a great map of where all of the parks are, so you can figure out what’s around where you live. A little closer to home, most, if not all, of the dorms have study areas on the floors in the basement where it should be quiet pretty much all of the time so you can study. I used the one on my floor and the common area in Third North a few times freshman year to study. Also, if you find a common area or little nook or chair someplace in one of the academic buildings, feel free to set up camp there and study. I sat on the fifth floor of the Gallatin building for hours at a time last year when I had work to do or needed to kill time and it’s usually always pretty quiet unless there’s an event. The same goes for the Stern lower levels, different spots in Silver, and the lower levels of 25th West 4th Street. 

    That got a bit long, sorry about that.

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    Anonymous said: Hi! I attended one of the sps writing classes for high school students and I was really intimidated. Everyone had insane gpa's and extracurriculars and knew all these different languages, meanwhile I'm struggling to maintain an 88 overall. Is there no chance for me because I'm not as unique as everyone else?

    Hi :)

    Having good grades and participating in extracurricular activities does not necessarily make someone unique and yes, you still have a chance. Please read this.

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  9. Anonymous said: Hi! I am starting writing classes on Saturdays soon at the school of professional studies. I am very nervous and I can't bring myself to call and ask some questions. Are they a lot of students in each class? Do u need a laptop? I'm taking the high school class. Thank you for your help and for making this blog!

    Hi there!

    To be honest, I really don’t have any experience with SPS classes and I really don’t want to give you the wrong information. I don’t, however, think the classes are that large but I also don’t think there are four people in a class. I also wouldn’t imagine you’d absolutely need a laptop but that’s something that whoever is teaching the class would tell you, either before or when you first get to class. There also may be access to computer labs if the class requires it, so that’s something you’ll probably be told when you first get there. One suggestion though, if you can’t call (which I completely understand as I absolutely hate calling people), try emailing them (scps.hsacademy@nyu.edu)! I actually just emailed SCPS with some questions about courses not too long ago and they got back quickly and thoroughly answered everything I needed to know, so they should be able to help!

  10. Anonymous said: I'm thinking about applying to transfer to NYU for sophomore year. I go to a large school in my state right now and got into NYU when I applied as a senior in high school with a lot of financial aid. I'm not sure if it's worth applying again since financial aid is iffy. What do you suggest?

    If you are really looking to transfer, apply and go from there. If you originally got a lot of aid, you can still get that amount of aid (depending on if/how much your FAFSA has changed). If you can afford to pay for application, I’ll always say it’s worth applying just to see if A. you’ll get in and B. if you’ll get enough aid.

  11. Anonymous said: Any bars or clubs that are likely not to card you know of? I'm a freshman and I can't invest in a fake just now, but I really wanna go out

    Please read this.

  12. Anonymous said: What major do you recommend for somebody who wants to become a dentist/orthodontist?

    If you want to become a dentist or work in dentistry, I’d suggest looking at the predental track (it’s under the umbrella of prehealth in CAS). You can see its requirements and what dental schools look for and, if you decide to follow that track, look into what major would suit you. You don’t need to major in a science if you don’t enjoy science and it’s really up to you to decide the major you enjoy and will grow from.

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    If you’re thinking about traveling internationally soon, consider going to NYU’s Passport Drive on the 24th.

  14. Anonymous said: do you think it's worth it to do premed at a school like nyu rather than a school that is more well known for it's sciences? also can you talk about your friends general opinion of premed at nyu?

    All I know about premed programs is what I’ve heard and from what my friends have told me, med schools don’t really care what you major in, you just need to have the qualifications and do well on the MCATs. Two of my close friends are currently in med schools after going premed (one majored in Biology and the other in Psychology) and, from what they told me, I can gather that the program can be really up and down. They both had issues with Organic Chemistry and studying abroad was a bit tough to schedule (neither actually went abroad for an entire semester) but I don’t think they hated it. It was definitely a lot of work sometimes though and everyone has a different experience.

  15. Anonymous said: Hello! I am a freshman in community college and i was looking to transfer to NYU when I'm a junior as a Dramatic Writing major. I have a movie reviewing blog, I volunteer at the independent film festival and I'm looking to get my gpa up to a 4.0. Do you think that this would be enough to get in, especially if I have an amazing essay? Do you think it would weaken my chances if I apply with a 3.6? Thank you so much, this blog is so helpful!

    Yes, also please read. I also don’t think it will majorly weaken your chances of being accepted if you apply with a 3.6 GPA rather than a 4.0.